Mark Robinson

From the Factory to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office

Mark's Bio

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is from Greensboro N.C. and proudly served in the US Army Reserve. He and his wife are blessed to have two children, and two grandchildren.

Mark grew up extremely poor as the ninth of ten children. His father was an alcoholic who routinely abused his mother. After his father died, Mark’s mom was able to provide for her kids despite only having a fifth-grade education. Mark credits his mother’s leadership for cultivating a foundation for his faith, and an understanding that with hard work he could achieve anything.

In his professional life, Mark has worked in various industries, including a long stint in furniture manufacturing. Unfortunately, like so many North Carolinians, he lost not one, but two manufacturing jobs to NAFTA.

Mark became a household name in 2018 when he delivered an incredibly strong address to the Greensboro City Council defending the 2nd Amendment. This speech has been seen millions of times and propelled him to run for Lieutenant Governor.

Mark became the first black Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina in 2021. He has championed more transparency for parents in their children’s education, education options, and ensuring schools are safe. Lieutenant Governor Robinson has been an outspoken supporter of law enforcement, cutting taxes for all hardworking North Carolinians, and making NC the gold standard for veterans’ care.

When he first took office, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson partnered with parents, students and teachers to learn more about why students have been falling behind in school. They shared more than 500 examples of inappropriate materials in classrooms all over the state. As governor, Mark Robinson will get our schools refocused on academics so more students will be college and career-ready. Additionally, Mark secured over $11 million dollars in the state budget for apprenticeship programs.